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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

Dorothy Rhodes Freeman
Series: Best Holiday books
Published by: Enslow Elementary
Copyrighted: 2008
Number of pages: 48 pages
Age group: Interest level 4 and up, Reading Level 9-12
Type of Book: Holiday Christian Non-Fiction
Physical Description: hardback, 8x8 inches
Extras: Words to know, more books to read and Internet addresses to fun sites.
About the book: From the first section it is easy to see this is a special, fun book to read. This book describes everything about St. Patrick and the day that is named for him. There were bits of information that had not previously been known to the reader, such as Patrick was not religious before he was kidnapped. There were many enjoyable photos, maps and illustrations that showed parades, leprechauns, and where St. Patrick lived.
What my children thought: My five-year-old son liked the green river and the Irish wolfhound. There was nothing he disliked. He thought children his age would enjoy it. My three-year-old daughter did not care to hear the book. She thought it was not for kids her age.
What I liked: I liked everything about this book: the layout, pictures and the discussions surrounding St. Patrick. We took the time to go to the Internet to listen to the songs mentioned.
What I disliked: Nothing
Would I recommend: Yes!!

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