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Monday, March 9, 2009

Noah's Ark by Christine Deverall

This Noah’s Ark was written by Christine Deverall and illustrated by Richard Deverall, James Deverall and Chris King and is part of the, Bible for little people series. It’s copyright is 2002 and is published by Grandreams Books Limited.

Noah’s Ark is a cardboard book with the spine on the top of the book. The story line is as basic as it can be written. It is so basic that it leaves out the parts when Noah sends out the raven and also the dove, which I think adds to the story.

I do like that it shows that if you listen God will tell you what you should do and that God will keep you safe. The illustrations are well drawn. The animals are shown in pairs and Noah and his family looks peaceful. Sometimes the text does not match the pictures.

Overall this is a wonderful book and my children enjoy having it read to them.

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