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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Easter God

Elspeth Campbell Murphy
Published by: Bethany House Publishers
Copyrighted: 2001
Number of pages: 29 pages
Age group: 2-6 years of age
Type of book: Holiday Christian fiction
Physical Description: hardback, square, shiny pages.
About the book: This book begins with a letter to parents discussing the setup of the book. Each group of pages includes a prayer-poem for the child and a Bible verse for the parents to meditate on. The prayer-poems have a variety of topics from chocolate Easter bunnies to the angel outside the empty tomb.
The illustrations were realistically drawn and fun to look at. Everybody has a big smile and we get to know the children by reading their nametags.
About the author: Elspeth Campbell Murphy has written more than 100 books the past years. She is a graduate of Trinity College and Mood Bible Institute. She currently lives in Chicago and received a Gold Medallion award for Do You See Me, God?
What my children thought: My five-year-old son thoroughly enjoyed this book; there was nothing he disliked. I read the Bible verses as well as the prayer-poems to the children and those were his favorite parts, because they were from the Bible. He also liked the pictures because they were shiny. My son thought the funniest picture was of the bunny on a girl’s lap. He highly recommended this book to kids his age. My daughter who is three enjoyed this book as well. There were many things she enjoyed: like the bunny, the children singing, and the Easter egg hunt. Her favorite child was Caroline. The only illustration my daughter didn't like was of the angel. She thought children her age would enjoy the book,
What I liked: I liked the entire book. I enjoyed the addition of the Bible verses for adult readers. I also enjoyed how my son appreciated the Bible verses. I felt invigorated after I read this book. I thought next time I would have my son help me read this book.
What I disliked: There is nothing I disliked.
Do I recommend: Yes, I do. Happy Easter God is a very enjoyable book for both children and adults.

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