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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Easter Story

The Easter Story
Anita Garneri
Illustrator: Rachael Phillips
Series: Storyteller Series
Published by: Smart Apple Media and Evans Brothers LTD
Copyrighted: 2005
Number of pages: 23 pages
Age group: 6 years and up
Type of Book: Christian Non-fiction
Physical Description: hardback, 8 ½ x 11 inches
About the book: This book is about Jesus and what happened to him in the time near the crucifixion, holy communion, the cross, the Lord’s Prayer, and painting Easter eggs. The story begins with the beginning of the festival of Passover and then continues with the last meal where Judas learns that Jesus knows what he is doing. It continues with the Roman soldiers capturing Jesus and the crucifixion. Jesus is then placed in the tomb and rises from the dead. The illustrations were very well done. The people are very realistic and the backgrounds had an interesting texture. The photos of the Easter eggs were a nice addition so the reader can see what a painted egg looks like.
What my children thought: I did read this book to them even though they are only three and five. My five year-old-son moved at seeing the illustration of how Jesus died and the way He was nailed to the cross. There was nothing my son disliked. My three-year-old daughter liked the illustrations of the angel and Jesus at the Last Supper. She disliked the illustration of Jesus on the cross. Both of my children enjoyed the idea of painting Easter eggs and would recommend it to kids their ages.
What I liked: I liked this entire book. It was very clearly written and it shows us, as Christians, what Jesus went through for us. I am looking forward to trying the Easter egg project.
What I disliked: I thought the illustration of Jesus was too graphic for young children.
Would I recommend: Yes, I would recommend The Easter Story to those who want to learn more about Easter.

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