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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Christian Carnival ii

Welcome to the March 11, 2009 edition of Christian carnival ii.

I hope everbody enjoys this wide variety of posts. I know I did. If there is a post you find especially interestesting, please comment on it. I would like to thank all of those who sent in posts. I enjoyed reading all of them.

Minister Mamie L. Pack presents No one and Nobody posted at The Life I Now Live.

Raffi Shahinian presents Incurvat-us: Sin and Systems posted at parables of a prodigal world.

Bible SEO presents The Parable of the Great Feast - Luke 14:15-24 posted at Bible Study Exposition Online.

FMF presents Free Money Finance: Contentment: Serving God Through Simple Living posted at Free Money Finance, saying, "Biblical key to managing money."

bryan presents Can't Win For Losing posted at EnglishBibleStudiesBlog, saying, "This blog is good."

Rodney Olsen presents Obedience posted at The Journey - Life : Faith : Family, saying, "Is obedience an outdated concept? Should we still require obedience from our children?"

christiantwopointoh presents Why Do You Believe? posted at Christian2.0, saying, "Take a minute to examine the motivations fueling your belief. Discover the power in knowing Truth."

Yolanda Lehman presents I'M STANDING IN THE NEED OF PRAYER posted at Ain'ta That Good News?!, saying, ""I'm Standing in the Need of Prayer" offers a life changing and impactful epiphany regarding the importance of attending to our own relationship with Christ, rather than judging others."

ChristianPF presents God’s stimulus plan posted at Money in the Bible Christian Personal Finance Blog, saying, "God still has a plan for our finances!"

Insurance Toolbox presents How to Get a Free Copy of the Bible Fine-Tuned Finances posted at Fine-Tuned Finances.

Jennifer in OR presents Parakeet Morality posted at Diary of 1.

Diane R. presents Who Should Be Teaching Our Church Youth? posted at Crossroads: Where Faith and Inquiry Meet, saying, "Who are teaching our youth in church youth groups? Are they perhaps a tad too young?"

Hopeful Spirit presents Affirmation of Faith posted at On the Horizon, saying, "A true story about a signed received . . . of faith, belief, and hope."

Annette presents True Woman - how to control your tongue posted at Fish and Cans.

Jim DeSantis presents 5 Ways To Keep Your Marriage Healthy posted at On Line Tribune Marriage Matters, saying, "When you are married or even in a long term live-in relationship, sometimes it's hard to understand what is going wrong, and it takes only the most basic advice to clear the fog of confusion. Try these 5 ways to keep your marriage or relationship healthy."

andriel presents The Emerging Ecumenicism: "We're Ready to Believe You!" posted at

Mark Olson presents Confession posted at Pseudo-Polymath, saying, "In which Confession is considered."

Casey presents posted at, saying, "I believe to present the Gospel effectively, the church must present it in a way that is relevant to the person hearing it. For 2009, that might no longer be in stuffy sanctuaries, or evangelistic crusades."

Ken Brown presents Love, Life and Loss on Patch Adams posted at C. Orthodoxy, saying, "Rediscovering the power and danger of unconditional love in a classic movie."

Tiffany Partin presents You Can Lead A Horse To Water posted at Fathom Deep: Sounding the Depths of God.

michelle presents Ecclesiastes 3 posted at Thoughts and Confessions of a Girl Who Loves Jesus..., saying, "I am in a season of growing in ministry. I am preparing to go to Nicaragua on a mission trip to share the Gospel with children. I am so excited! I can’t wait to see what the Lord will accomplish on this trip!"

Jeremy Rooney presents Articles - I Dare You to Move posted at yourchristianvoice.

Jeremy Pierce presents Obama's Defense of Embryo-Killing posted at Parableman, saying "This is a look at President Barack Obama's statement defending his change in policy regarding embryonic stem cell research from the Bush Administration's policy."

Martin Roth presents Christian Counseling Services - helping you improve your marriage posted at Christian Counseling Services.

Weekend Fisher presents Blessing, Promist and the desires of God posted Heart, Mind, Soul and Strength, saying, "Do the beatitudes reveal an insight into what God himself desires? Weekend Fisher considers the question in Blessing, promise, and the desires of God."

Rey from the Bible Archive reviews The Watchmen with a suggestion that despite the sex and
violence, Christians should still go watch it.

Trent Cotton presents The Enemy Behind the Lines- Self-Reliance: at Christian Men Christian Warriors.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of christian carnival ii using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.
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