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Monday, March 16, 2009

Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland

Written and Illustrated By
Tomie De Paola
Published by:
Holiday House
Copyrighted: 1992
Number of pages: 28 pages
Age Group: All ages, the listener just needs to be able to sit for many words on all the pages. There are many illustrations to view, done in the classic Tomie De Paola style.
Genre: Christian Fiction Biography
Physical Description: hardback, 8 ½ x 11 inches
Interesting Extras: Several paragraphs at the end of the book explain when Tomie De Paola first learned of St. Patrick and the joy of being half Irish.
About the Book: This book tells of the legends of St. Patrick and also of how he lived. The illustrations on each page relate directly to the text. Some of the pages have two pictures and others have just one. The illustrations clearly show what it was like when Patrick was: kidnapped by the Irish, sold as a slave, runs away, reunited with his family and called by God to back to Ireland to be a missionary. There are several legends included and they are: St, Patrick and the snakes, St, Patrick and the evil Coroticus, St. Patrick and the Altar stone and St. Patrick and the shamrock.
What my children think: My five-year-old son thought it was good that Patrick prayed to God so many times and that God answered his prayers, He also liked the colors of the clothes. My three-year-old daughter liked that the book was about God, when Patrick wore white and when God sent the food to the men.
What I like: I liked that it showed the power of prayer and how we can incorporate in our lives. If Patrick could pray 200 times a day we can surely do it as well. It also showed the great faith Patrick had when he was to go back to the county where he was enslaved.
What I disliked: Nothing
Would I Recommend: Yes, because this is a wonderful way to learn about Saint Patrick.

1 comment:

  1. I agree; this is a wonderful book, and beautifully illustrated. I love Tomie De Paola's books


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