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Monday, December 8, 2008

Veggie Tales: Dave and the Giant Pickle by Phil Vischer

Big Ideas, Veggie Tales: Dave and the Giant Pickle was written by Phil Vischer and the art direction was by Ron Eddy. It was produced in 1998 by Big Idea Productions Inc. and is 30 pages. This book is a lesson in self-esteem and is an easy reader.
This book is a fun version of David and Goliath taken from the animated show. Children will enjoy this version, because of the child friendly sentence structure and word usage. The funniest part of the story is when Dave and his brother’s speak of Dave having to pick up the sheep that tip over all the time.
The important part of this story is that Dave knows that God is on the Israelites side and that he has nothing to fear. Dave shows us that everybody can fight for God and we just need to believe in God and ourselves.
The illustrations are still drawings from the movie of many of the regular Veggie Tales characters. The colors are very vivid.
My 4-year-old enjoys this story very much. His favorite is Goliath, the giant pickle.

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