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Monday, December 1, 2008

Jesus is My Friend by Linda and Alan Parry

Jesus is My Friend is a cardboard book written and illustrated by Linda and Alan Parry. John Hunt Publishing published it in 1994. It is an easy reader.
Every page of this book begins with, “Jesus is my friend because…” It then mentions different things that Jesus does or teaches, such as loving me. There is a Bible verse at the end of each sentence that gives greater depth to the sentence. This is a good book for all children. It can be read with just the sentence or the verses. The verses can be used as a tool to talk to children more about Jesus. I read just the sentences to my 2-year-old and all of it to my 4-year-old.
This is a book that is wonderfully artistic with a heart-shaped at the top and realistic drawings with mice. The mice are in different poses in each picture. The picture at the bottom stays the same throughout the book.

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