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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Double Dabble Surprise by Beverly Lewis

The Double Dabble Surprise, was written by Beverly Lewis and copyrighted in 1993. This 65 page book of the Cul-de-sac Kids series was published by Bethany House and is for girls and boys ages 7-10. The point-of-view for this Christian fiction book is a girl’s.

Abby and Carly Hunter were all set to get two Korean sisters and instead two boys arrived. The Hunter family then had to decide if they wanted to adopt Sung Jin and Choon Koo or to file adoption papers again to get the girls. Abby and Carly were both very disappointed when Sung Jin and Choon Koo arrived. Abby knew she had to pray to God to help her decide what to do about the boys. She decided to introduce the boys to her friends, teach them about God and Thanksgiving. In the week the boys are there Abby learns to enjoy their company. Her last great idea is to get a dog for Sung Jin, similar to the one he used to have, when the family tells the boys they are going to be adopted. For Abby to agree to adopt the boys she needed to learn about boys being just as good as girls and that God was providing them with who they needed.

Beverly Lewis lives in Colorado with her family and has written many books and short stories. The Cul-de-sac Kids remind her of her friends when she was younger. Barbara Birch illustrated the book realistically, which goes well with the clear plot line and characters.

The issue that readers deal with in The Double Dabble Surprise is acceptance. The experience may not be what we want it to be, but it might be what God wants to help us become stronger.

I liked how Abby prays when she needs to decide what she thinks about the boys living there. She is depending on God to help her. I also liked it when she got the dog for Sung Jin.

This paperback book is a nice size for holding and was printed in a large dark font. I would recommend this book if someone would like to learn about acceptance and a fun book to read.

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