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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Case of the Giggling Geeks by Bill Myers

The Case of the Giggling Geeks, was written by Bill Myers and illustrated by Meredith Johnson and copyrighted in 2002. It is book one in the series, Secret Agent Dingledorf and his trusty dog, Splat and is 88 pages long. This Christian mystery adventure was published by Tommy Nelson and is for boys ages 7-10.

Bernie Dingledorf is mistaken for Secret Agent Ralph Dingledorf and is sent on a mission to stop Dr. Chuckles from forcing everybody to laugh. He is able to stop Dr. Chuckles and they both learn a valuable lesson about respect. Bernie is having a fun time at school trying to turn his friend I.Q. into a cool person like himself. He is taken by men from an agency who keep insisting that he is Ralph Dingledorf, secret agent. They never change their minds and he is sent home with a special backpack and awaiting orders. He is at school when he is told that the agency found Dr. Chuckles’ hideout and he is to leave immediately. He goes home and is taken to Dr. Chuckles hideout by the Dr. Bernie sees the laughing machine, which Dr. Chuckles turns on. He wants everyone in the world to be like him and laugh. There is a pie fight and Splat, Bernie’s dog finds a pie and accidentally turns off the switch. It is good, because everybody in the room was laughing and could not stop. Dr. Chuckles decides that it is not fun to be force to do something. Dr. Chuckles and Bernie learn that God made us all differently and we should respect that not try to change it.

Billy Myers has written over 70 books and his films have won over 40 awards. He is also the author of the McGee and Me series. The illustrations were fun and realistic. I enjoyed studying each one.

I liked everything about this book. The best part was when Bernie first got his backpack and he pulled dental floss out of its container and it was rocket powered. He went shooting all over the room until the rocket quit. It was funny.

I would recommend this book to people of all ages, not just those 7-10, because we all need to learn God made us all differently. We need to respect that and we should not change them.

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