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Monday, December 15, 2008

My Jellybean Prayer Book by Diane Darr

My Jellybean Prayer Book was written by Diane Darr and illustrated by Reinbrook Studio. It was published in 2002 by CTA. It is an easy reader and it 14 pages long.
The illustrations are very colorful drawings with lots of jellybeans on each page. Each illustration contains a hidden jellybean. These colors get the point of the text across, because the jellybeans are brighter than the rest of the picture.
There are six jellybeans that the staff at CTA has chosen: speckled is sin, red is Jesus’ blood, blue is baptism, white is forgiveness, green is growing in faith, and yellow is the promise of heaven. Each jellybean gets its own story, prayer, and biblical text.
My 2-year-old enjoys the story and my 4-year-old enjoys the Biblical story. The 4-year-old especially likes the red jellybean, because Jesus died for our sins. This is an excellent story for encouraging children about Jesus.

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