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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cara's Beach Party Disaster by Elaine Schulte

Cara’s Beach Party Disaster
Elaine L. Schulte
Series: The Twelve Candles Club #3
Published By: Bethany House Publishers
Copyrighted: 1993
Type of Book: Christian Fiction
Physical Description: Paperback, 5x7 inches
About the Book: Twelve-year-old Cara has problems at a beach party near her home in Santa Rosita Estates in California and she learns what true friends are like. Cara is a member of the Twelve Candles Club (they are all twelve) and they are all at her house for a movie and party. Cara's half-sister, Paige, picks out a movie and it turns out to be R rated so most of the club decides to leave, because it is not what God would want them to see. The next day at one of the club’s jobs they forgive each other; because Cara discovered Paige had done it on purpose. Cara's family doesn't attend church, so she decides to go with the members of the club. The youth pastor teaches them that God is there, we just need to answer and also the first five commandments. Cara is very eager to learn more and wants to apply it to her life. Paige is continuously mean and disrespectful to Cara, which damages Cara’s self-esteem. Cara continuously forgives her and tries to help her. At the beach party Cara has to wear Paige’s Bikini, and was approached by some college age men. She doubts her friends' compassion and decides to go on a date with one of them. When she meets the guy for a date there are other guys there to, her friends chase them off before something could happen. Paige comes to help Cara too. Paige and Cara talk and Cara learns her sister hurts and is mad, because Cara has a father who did not leave. Cara learns that her friends and Paige really do love, respect and forgive her as she does them. Cara also discovers how much God loves her.
What I liked: I liked how this book shows us that forgiveness can always be there for us and we need to remember to do it ourselves. Cara clearly shows what it feels like to forgive and need forgiveness. That is something we need to do daily.
What I disliked: I disliked how the author uses R rated movies and college age men to illustrated how much Cara's friends care about her.
Would I recommend: I would recommend this book to the older children in the age group (8-12). I would not want my eight year-old-reading this subject material.

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