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Monday, April 27, 2009

People of the Way by Edith J. Agnew

People of the Way was written by Edith J. Agnew and illustrated by Johannes Troyer. The copyright is 1959 and was printed by Westminster Press. It is 50 pages. This is an easy reader, but it is for older children, as the subject matter is more difficult.

This story is about the disciples and how they continued Jesus’ ministry after he had been crucified. The main characters in this are Peter, Barnabas and Paul. I really enjoyed this story, because I relearned the story. I did not know that the Greeks called them Christians. It was also interesting to learn that after they had held many meetings in people’s houses the word church was used. There are important Bible verses (Matthew 28:19-20, John 13:35, and Acts 4:20) on in the inside cover to learn and memorize. There are also two prayers.

The illustrations are realistic and well drawn. In this book the colors are pastel. There are also black and white illustrations.

Since this book is so long it can be read with the chapters or straight through. My 4-year-old liked the story, but we needed to read it in chapters.

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