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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Crazy Christmas Angel Mystery by Beverly Lewis

The Crazy Christmas Angel Mystery
Beverly Lewis
Illustrated By: Barbara Birch
Series: The Cul-de-sac Kids #3
Publisher: Star Song Publishing Group
Copyrighted: 1993
Number of Pages: 61
Age Group: 7-10 years old
Type of Book: Christian Fiction
Physical Nature: Paperback and 5x7 inches
Extras: Map of the neighborhood, synopsis of book four and extra information from the author
About the Book: It is Christmastime and Eric Hagel (8) is very curious about his new neighbor, Mr. Tressler. Eric thinks Mr. Tressler is scary. Eric decides to spy on Mr. Tressler when he sees angels flying around Mr. Tressler’s living room. Eric along with the rest of the kids in the neighborhood decides to make a friend of Mr. Tressler. They take a couple of days to learn songs, make cookies, and cards. The kids find out Mr. Tressler is very friendly and the angels are really doves. Eric learned that everything is not always as it seems. If something is scary it really might not be.
About Author and Illustrator: Beverly Lewis lives in Colorado with her family and has written many books and short stories. The Cul-de-sac Kids remind her of her friends when she was younger. Barbara Birch illustrated the book realistically, which goes well with the clear plot line and characters.
What I liked: I liked how Eric was brave enough to make friends with Mr. Tressler. We need to always remember that our friends may be those we least expect.
What I disliked: There was nothing to dislike.
Would I recommend: Yes I would. We need to remember new friends come when we least expect them.

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