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Monday, February 9, 2009

My Stories about Jesus by Sarah Fletcher

My Stories about Jesus is by Sarah Fletcher and illustrated by Don Kueker. It was published in 1974 by Concordia Publishing House and is 31 pages long. It is an easy reader.
This is a book that the story of Jesus’ life. It includes many of the important times of Jesus’ life including his death and rising to heaven. This book has pictures on the left side of the page with about half a page of text on the right side. It also includes a small Bible verse at the bottom of the pages, which pertains to the message on the page. Each picture and page of text tells a different story.
The text has been written in a ways that is fun for children to read. It also includes story about children and how much Jesus loved them. That story was my favorite one. It is important to show how Jesus loved everyone and had time for all.
The illustrations were well drawn. The pictures of the children were happy and had full cheeks as many children do. The drawings of the adults looked more realistic than in other picture books.
This book would be good for young children if one story was read per sitting. It would be fine to read the entire book to older children at one time.


  1. This book looks good. Thanks for writing the review. It was helpful.

  2. You are welcome for writing the review. The public library is a wonderful place for books. If you have any books you think would be good, I would be delighted to hear of them.


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