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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jeremy: The Tale of an Honest Bunny By Jan Karon

Jan Karon copyrighted Jeremy: The Tale of an Honest Bunny, in 2000. This Christian fiction book was published by Viking and is 80 pages. It is an easy chapter book to read out loud to children and those who know how to read can read it. This book is for the young and the old.

Lydia Sweeney made Jeremy, a rabbit, and is going to mail him to Candace in America. Jeremy wants to find his new home himself. Lydia sees Jeremy off and gives him a slip of paper with the address on it and tells him Psalm 91. On journey through England Jeremy meets Mr. Pruneholt, who shows him on a globe where the shipping docks are. When Jeremy lands in America he meets and older lady and gentleman and they rescue some bunnies. He finally makes it after Pastor Greer saves him from a fox. Jeremy is there just in time, because Candace will be there soon. Jeremy has decided the angels from Psalm 91 were there with him on his entire journey and he was protected.

Jan Karon wrote this book for her daughter and clearly carries us without confusion. She has also written the adult Mitford series. Terry Weidner has illustrated several other books for young readers. The illustrations were most enjoyable. Jeremy was unbelievably drawn with his pants, shoes and jacket and everything was so realistic.

This book reminds us that God has given us angels to help keep us safe and that is what I liked most about it. There was absolutely nothing I disliked in this book. When I know children old enough for this book I will buy it for them.

I would certainly recommend this book with its nice white pages and dark print. It would be a fun book to read with the family and then talk about Psalm 91 and what Pastor Greer said about being bought for a price and going to live in a heavenly home.

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