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Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Carnival of the Recipes"

I hope everybody enjoys these recipes. I need to go fix something to eat now, I am so hungry after looking at all of these good recipes.

Jewish style noodle kugel
Green chile stuffed chicken breasts
Chicken stew- Mexian style
Chicken Biryani
Bourbon Street chicken
Arizona Carnitas with green chiles
24-hour slaw
Mallow sweet potatoes

Batya is having problems with her coffeemaker, could it be suffering from hardening of the arteries?

Rob presents video clips of many different recipes, don't watch these on an empty stomach.

Vegbox recipes shines the spotlight on Jerusalem Artichoke, because it's not from Jerusalem, and it's not an artichoke. Recipes included for making tasty use of this mysterious vegetable, currently in season in the Northern Hemisphere. Maybe this time next year, the Obama family will be harvesting their own crop from the White House Organic Farm.


Nature Moms Blog sends us a delicious recipe for raw vegan chocolate brownies.

Katrina from the Diabetes blog temps us with delicious brownies for Diabetics or anyone to enjoy.

Traditional Dinners

Enjoy making this traditional Czech Christmas dinner from Making this Home.

Soup and Bread

Ali at Gal Foodie shares a warm and fast creamy tomato soup for these cold winter days.

Thei Recipes would like to share a recipe for cornbread.


  1. I have not made any jerusalum artichoke recipes in a while. Now I think I am going to do so. I also will start to submit to the recipe club again. I always enjoy them. Thanks for hosting!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring us and our article on Jerusalem Artichokes.

    We loved Gal Foodie's creamy tomato soup.

    And @Deb Bixler - we hope you had "fun with the fartichokes" : )


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