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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Mystery of the White Elephant by Elspeth Campbell Murphy

Book one of the Three Cousins Detective Club is called The Mystery of the White Elephant and was written by Elspeth Campbell Murphy and illustrated by Joe Nordstrom. It was copyrighted in 1994 and published by Bethany House Publishers. This Christian mystery is 64 pages long and is for children ages 7-10.

Ten-year-old cousins, Timothy, Sarah-Jane and Titus need to solve the mystery of the missing cookie jar, a white elephant, before the church auction begins. The children solve the mystery by finding the missing bag. The kids begin their adventure by learning that a “white elephant” is something somebody has, but does not want or need. They need to find their “white elephant” to take to the church auction. They find that Mrs. Foster has taken a white elephant cookie jar, which they all would like to have. The cookie jar disappears after they see a lady wearing a rain poncho, sun hat and carrying a bag. They talk to Pastor Parry and they decide to search for it. They find the clothes in the lost-and-found. Timothy remembers the bag has a red maple leaf on it. The kids think it might belong to Mrs. Foster’s friend from Canada. After they children find the bag, they go tell Pastor Parry all they know and give him the bag. Pastor Parry is able to fix the problem. Mrs. Foster’s friend and Timothy, Sarah-Jane and Titus learn that God has no “white elephants.” He loves everybody and the church can love everybody, like Mrs. Foster’s friend too.

Elspeth Campbell Murphy has written more than 100 books the past years. She is a graduate of Trinity College and Moody, Bible Institute. She currently lives in Chicago and received a Gold Medallion award for Do You See Me, God?

The theme for this book is love. We must treat everyone with love, and never like “white elephants.” There was nothing to dislike in this book. I enjoyed reading all of it. I especially liked the part where everybody at church was so kind to Mrs. Foster’s friend, even though she took the cookie jar.

I would recommend this book to all to read. It is fun to with its white pages, large letters, and fun black and white illustrations.

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