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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kidnapped by River Rats by Dave and Netta Jackson

Kidnapped by River Rats is a Trailblazer Book by Dave and Netta Jackson and copyrighted in 1991. This 112 page, Christian historical fiction was published by Bethany House Publishers and is for kids 8-13.

In 1881, Jack and Amy come to London with their mother to look for their uncle. She dies and they try looking keep looking for their uncle. As they search, they become involved with the Salvation Army. After Amy is hurt and then disappears, Jack earns money for his food by throwing things at the people in the Salvation Army. He is supposed to be finding Catherine Booth, one of the leaders, who might help lead Jack to his uncle, not throwing things. Jack is able to find his sister and he knows he needs an army to save her. He enlists the help of the Salvation Army. After Amy is rescued by the Salvation Army, they make friends and are adopted by a couple living there. Jack’s adventures show him what evil there is in the world and how sometimes you need an army to fight it.

The authors, Dave and Netta Jackson are a husband/wife team who have written many books on relationships and other Christian heroes of the past. They have approached this book as historians, but add fictional characters to flesh out the story. Their son, Julian, is the illustrator for the Trailblazer series. The illustrations were well drawn. I did think Mrs. Witherspoon looked a little strange.

This story gives us the reminder that we are all part of God’s army and the Salvation Army is one way that people can help. We can even help as an army against the issues in this book, white slavery and gin houses, sin businesses.

I did not like how the Amy was taken by white slavers. I thought that was extreme. I did like how Amy and Jack had their happy ending.

I would recommend this book, so that everybody can learn more information about the Salvation Army and the people who started it, William and Catherine Booth.

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