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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Shadow Lamp by Stephen R. Lawhead (Review)

The Shadow Lamp (A Bright Empires Novel, Book 4)

by Stephen R. Lawhead

(I received this book for review purposes.)


Genre- Fiction / Fantasy / Contemporary

Publisher- Thomas Nelson

Copyrighted- 2013

Number of Pages- 388

Age Group- Adult

Description of Book- Hardback, $26.99, ISBN: 978-1-59554-807-8 

This is the fourth book in The Bright Empires Series and The Shadow Lamp is filled with adventure and mystery.  Everyone is still searching for the skin map and only one person knows where it is.

Mina has gathered with her friends at her coffee house and they have decided they would like to like to find the Spirit Well again.  Two of her friends, Haven and Giles, leave with Sir Henry’s Green Book.  Cass, Kit, Mina, and Gianni now need to decide what they are going to do and where they are going to go.

Cass’s father has become involved with the Zetetic Society and they have discovered that it is very important to find and solve the Skin map.

About the Author- Stephen R. Lawhead currently lives in England with his wife.  He is the author of The King Raven Trilogy, The Song of Albion Trilogy, and The Dragon King Trilogy.

My thoughts- I have read the other books in The Bright Empires Series, by Stephen R. Lawhead, and I didn’t think they were very interesting.  I did like The Shadow Lamp.  I thought there was a lot of detail and action. 

I thought it was interesting how there were so many different characters and they were all in different places, doing different things.  At first I had a hard time keeping track of all the characters, but there was a list of characters at the front of the book and it helped out a lot.  I could not have kept track of everyone without it.

I did think there were some problems.  At one point Lord Burleigh and his men were on the way to China, then a little while later they were in Mina’s 16th-century coffee house.  It did not make sense to me, what did they do in China?

I enjoyed reading the description of the elephants that Haven and Giles saw.  I knew exactly what it was from the description. 

I thought this was an interesting book.  It is not the type of book I would usually read, but it was good.  I recommend it if you like this style of book.

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