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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Deeply Loved by Keri Wyatt Kent (Days 5-11 Thoughts)

Deeply Loved: 40 Ways in 40 Days to Experience the Heart of Jesus by Keri Wyatt Kent

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I have begun absorbing myself in this book, because I want to make a change in my life with Jesus.  I want to experience Jesus’s love in a way I never have before.

I have read and studied these seven chapters twice a day in case there is something I need to pay attention to during the day. 

Here is what I learned from these chapters.

“Day 5: Waking”

  • I need to always wake up in the morning and pray and ask Jesus to be with me in the day.
  • I need to ask myself how I when I wake up.

“Day 6: Through the Day”

  • I need to set up times throughout the day to pray. 
  • I need to do it at least three times a day.

“Day 7: Prayer of Adoration”

  • I need to use some verses from Psalms to help with prayers of adoration, like Psalm 8.
  • I need to tell God He is all-knowing, all-powerful, loving, and merciful.

“Day 8: Companion”

  • I need to find a person to grow spiritually deeper with. 
  • I need to look at three different people.
  • I need to pray for them.
  • I need to visit with them and invite the right one.

“Day 9: Alone”

  • I need to be still and quiet with Jesus for an hour, no technology.
  • Is it hard, because I could be missing something?
  • What is it like?

“Day 10: Quiet”

  • I need to do things in silence without the radio.
  • Knowing how to be quiet will help me become a better listener.

“Day 11: Meditate on the Promise of God”

  • I need to read and meditate on John 14.
  • I need to keep reading these verses.
  • They will help me be happy and be confident in my life with Jesus.
  • My favorite one is verse 27, “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you.” (NIV)

Genre- Religion / Christian Life / Spiritual Growth 
Published by- Abingdon Press 
Copyrighted- 2012
Number of pages- 200
Age Group- Adult
Description of book- Paperback, listed price- $14.99, ISBN 978-1-4267-4481-5

Disclosure of Material Connection- I received Deeply Loved by Keri Wyatt Kent for free from Abingdon Press. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255. All links were current when posted.

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