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Monday, November 24, 2008

My Little Golden Book about God

My Little Golden Book about God by Jane Werner Watson and illustrated by Eloise Wilkin is a very good book to begin to teach young children about God. It was copyrighted in 1984, has 22 pages and was published by Random House, Inc.
There are three main themes that are discussed in this book, God is good, God is great and God is love. It also talks about how God gives us what we need, helps us know what is right from wrong, he is in our hearts and keeps us safe.
The illustrations are very wholesome and I believe that they can make parents and grandparents remember the book from when they were younger. The children listening to the story can relate because the pictures are drawn from a child’s point of view. I thought the animals were drawn the best.
This book is a favorite of both my two-year-old and my four-year-old who love any chance to learn about God.


  1. Hi Rani,
    Thanks for your review. I have twin four-year-old grandchildren so may get the book for them. Yesterday, they 'played' the piano and sang 'Our God is a great big God' delightfully for me. They'd learned it in Sunday School.
    I'm a fellow Blog Carnivaller. See you again. Mel Menzies

  2. You are very welcome for the review. That is so cool they sang that song for you. My children enjoy singing all sorts of songs. Have a wonderful day.


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